Why Blogging would make you rich slowly?

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There are was time, a few years ago actually when no one knew the meaning of blogging. In fact, there was a no word existing like ‘blogging’ but now as the Internet started growing up, one word also rose with it termed as ‘blogging‘ and till today’s time, it’s impact is so wild that this ‘blogging’ event created a sphere which is knows ‘blogosphere‘ and now everyone knows about blogging.

Now everyone knows about blogging as it is becoming famous and the blogging arena is also growing rapidly. Some people opt it as a hobby, some people love it, and some people prefer it as a business. Yes, it’s true that one can start an online business via blogging and make some bucks. Everyone wants some money out of their hard work as we love fruits for our hard deeds.  Well..Well… the problem arises when you think that blogging would make you rich instantly.


Now this is the misunderstanding I face with most of the newbie bloggers as they ask me several times that ‘How can I get rich with Blogging’, well it’s a silly question until & unless they are about some several ethics they need to know and I would be sharing in this post.

Why Blogging would make you rich slowly?

Why Blogging would make you rich slowly?

Well, blogging has a long way to go to make you rich and there are several things you need to understand to go smoothly on your way. If you too have desire to make money blogging and want an answer to the title of this post, then are my responses.

Blogging isn’t a Quick Rich Scheme

This is the perfect rule every blogger should know about blogging and even I believe that people think blogging is all about making money. Actually blogging was all meant to share information online to help people. But as the Internet grew, it brought some make money opportunities for bloggers. But these make money opportunities were made to help bloggers get fruits for their efforts, not blogging with the sole aim of making money. And this is where a majority of people fail to understand for what blogging is really meant for. So, blogging is not just made to bring you huge money online, money shouldn’t be your sole aim, you sole aim should be delivering helpful content to your readers.

Traffic doesn’t jumps from the sky

 ’Quality and recurring audience is the secret of any successful blog’

This is a thought that I have learnt since I have been blogging. You can make few bucks from your blog only if you obtain some loyal readers.  The monetization part cannot be done instantly when you come up with a all new blog. To build loyal audience, it takes time and proper implementation of strategies like Content Marketing, Proper SEO, Keyword Research, etc. ad these all things cannot be done instantly. It takes time. Now I said Content Marketing, Keyword Research and SEO but I see most bloggers following a wrong way i.e. creating a blog and directly starting promoting it, looking for monetization part and applying for advertising networks and other foolish acts. Now, I already said that it would be a foolish act as ‘Blogging isn’t a quick rich Scheme‘.

Patience will help you go a long way

See, getting reach isn’t easy especially when you’re blogging.  Now do you know an old proverb – Slow and Steady wins the race’, and the same applies if you are doing blogging business. You might be knowing some pro bloggers who make good amount of income from blogging and earn a healthy livelihood.  For example, Darren Browse took 8 years to reach where he is today as he established Pro Blogger is 2004. Of course, he was patient to become that respectful he is today  and patience is worth it.  See, blogging isn’t a export business where you need to sell and earn your profit. It is a business which sown with effort, germinated with talent and grown with burst. Overall, it take lot of time to earn a handy amount of income and requires patience too.

Now, I just figured out the reasons Why Blogging would make you rich slowly and I would love to hear your views about this post via comments.

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  1. Pradosh says:

    You are right.
    It takes long deal with patience to achieve something with blogging. And we need to couple it with great affords.

  2. Great article on the art of blogging! You definitely hit the right points. When someone starts off blogging it is very easy to get discouraged because it does take time. You will find yourself doing daily tasks and have weeks pass by without any results on your efforts.

    This is exactly how it was for me starting out. Having a never give up attitude and always having the enthusiasm to keep going will be extremely helpful in the world of blogging!

  3. Ammar Ali says:

    hehe. I live that words “Traffic doesn’t jumps from the sky” Very funny but it is true we have to work hard to get targeted traffic and convert them to money ;)

  4. Zeeshan says:

    I will not agree with you Kuldeep Khatri because if a 14 years old blogger like you earning money with blogging than you must be rich at the age of 25 or 30 and no other field will make you rich this fast.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Hi Zeesan,

      Thanks fort the kind words. But I think it varies from person to person, How much dedication and passion he or she has.

      Thanks for your valuable comment here, Keep Visiting. :)

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