How To Earn Money With BuySellAds Direct Advertising Network

April 14, 20126 Comments

In this article we explained how to make money online with buy sell ads (using your blog ) . Pure Review of  Buy Sell Ads is one of  popular advertising network like Google Adsense . So many bloggers was using BuySellads as alternative for Google Adsense .

How To Use Buy Sell Ads ?

Apply for BuySellAds 

You are able to find advertisers for your blog through using  Buy Sell Ads . First of all you need to apply for Buy Sell Ads .  Saying frank BSA also behave like Google Adsense in Approval Progress, don’t worry !  you are able to get easy approval with good page rank and high count of  monthly visitors . Soon we will publish a new article that explain how to get approved for Buy Sell Ads .


Set your Ad Prices & Add BSA code to your Blog 

After getting approval you need to place BSA ad slot codes into your blog .  That ad slot code will help your visitors to advertise on your blog , also BSA track your blog traffic though using that code .Buy Sell Ads is allow you to set your own price tag for your ad slots .

Wait for Advertisers & make  money 

If advertisers feel your price is reasonable ? then they will advertise on your site without any doubt .  Don’t set too heavy prices for your ad places , always try to set affordable price that your advertisers love .

How you get paid ?

Your advertisers will pay money to BuySellAds . BSA will take 30%  percentage of  commission from your whole earnings . You will get 70% remaining publisher  revenue direct to your Paypal account . You don’t have any paypal account ? BSA also providing check payment methods . Buy Sell Ads minimum payout is just 20$ , BSA also have wire transfer option .

 Buy Sell Ads is Trusted ? (BSA Review)

So many of my friends is asking me that buy sell ads is trusted for payment ? is it’s really pay for publishers ? my answer is YES . Its trusted by lot of top bloggers . Hong Kiat , Logo Pond , Six Revisions , Speckyboy and so many best websites was using buysellads from so many of days . Its time for you to make money with buy sell ads . Really BSA is very easy to set up and more easy to find advertisers .  Don’t Worry about payment ! BSA is 100% trusted .

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  1. Rohit says:

    Really Nice post you help me alot but still i am not able to dilsplay ads buy buyselladd i am not able to find process after sign up wating for your reply..

  2. aadith says:

    getting approved by buy and sell is a tough job.I too have very less sites approved by them.

  3. Pardeep Dagar says:

    Nice explanation and really it is good trick to earn money :)
    Hope my ad will approved

  4. Inspite of all that BSA’s leading ad network nowadays, And probably a better alternative for Adsense. One day they gonna beat that Google adsense thing for sure.

  5. shiva says:

    I just reached to your post, I found that is good. I read it careful I found that this is really interesting thing

  6. lekha says:

    Is it possible to display these kind of ads on a sms collection website? Plus can adsense make more or buysell ads make more money? Which do u think is better to display on a website in the entertainments niche

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